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Relic from 1977

Sorting through old belongings revealed an amusing relic that I've long forgotten, a clay cast of my foot made while I was going to preschool in Japan in 1977 (where I lived until I was six years old).

Even now, I have crisp memory of making the impression - all of us lined up with our socks off, the wad of clay we were told to step into and the presentation of the glazed, kiln-fired casts a week later to our class.


Japanese script highlighted for easier reading ...

"My, how you've grown!"

PS: For those of you new parents, or parents-to-be (badwolf, patrissimo, choiceful, loyale, and tigresa, as far as I know), making a clay cast is fun and easy, and I'm sure it will delight your childrens' adult selves as much as mine did for me.


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