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Spring Cleaning in August

Spring cleaning in August sounds exactly like the sort of thing a world-class procrastinator like me would do. Hah.

It's alarming, the level of detritus one can accumulate without paying attention. Just dropped off five full boxes of books (aggregate weight of about 120 pounds - some I have not touched in over two decades at a used-book store ... and what they did not accept was donated to the library.

Also discovered, much to my embarassment, about two dozen books I bought with the intention of reading but never got around to. New-book purchases will be put on hold until I clear this current cache.

Tomorrow evening, will be going to COBA, where photo pimp Adam Tow will explain how he created those awesome wedding invitations.

Back to cleaning. I leave you with a photo from New Orleans I took in January 2005 ...

"What strange eyes you have, my dear!"

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