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Whitewater Rafting ... American River (Middle Fork)

Sunday morning, July 31 - my alarm rings at 5am.

Beeep beeep beeep beeep.

At the moment I'm in the middle of another vivid dream, and I first 'hear' the alarm inside my dream. Everybody else in the dream pauses what they are doing and looks up the same direction ... as though we are cast members of a movie shoot, reacting to our director's shout of 'CUT!"

I am lucid enough to know that in about 10 seconds, I will be fully awake and the story-arc of the dream will be cut abruptly short. The twenty-odd individuals on the 'set' react unhappily to this interruption ... shoulders slump and they trudge single-file to an unseen exit, muttering about the great scenes there were about participate in.

And then I awoke.

Any other Sunday, I would be fast asleep at that hour, but yesterday, I invited jhogan to join me on a day-long Middle Fork American River whitewater rafting run. With a meet time of 8:00am three hours away, we were rolling north on the 680 in pre-dawn darkness, chatting about recent events, relationships and other ramblings.

After a briefing where we signed a long liability release form detailing all the horrible ways we could be paralyzed or killed on the river, I had to stow my camera away and gear up for the day's adventure.

Since I did not have a waterproof rig for my camera, the most visually stunning moments yesterday remain only in my memory ... dragonflies the size of your hand skimming smooth expanses of water in between Class III/IV rapids, 'Tunnel Chute' where our raft hurtled through a tunnel bouncing like a cork in a tempest ... ancient ruins of mining operations dating back to California's gold rush.

Must return to work, so I leave you with a few photos including Forest Hill Bridge, one of the world's highest bridges ... (yes, jhogan, I still need to get you photos of 'Toad' from Patri's wedding. :P)

PS: Having lost about a half-day's work on the amazingly well-written Waiter Rant, now I will inflict his time-wastingly brilliant prose on the rest of you. You're welcome.

I would suggest starting with Baby Bucks, Because I'm Pretty, Sieg Heil! and Waiter Axioms.


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