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Headhunter Hunting

A competent headhunter/recruiter is a godsend to any hiring manager or job-seeker ... a professional capable of cutting through the maze of HR-doublespeak and monthlong hiring cycles to make the right introductions and getting the job done.

The best recruiters are savvy about the technical details of their job and walking rolodexes of candidate skills and corporate cultural idiosyncrasies ... and they are pretty rare.

If any of you (or your friends) had a particularly good experience with a recruiter (focus on biotech/software engineering), please share (send me a direct message if you'd like). I am helping out with some startups and thought I'd ask those of you working in the field for independent recruiting professionals you've had good experience with.

And for those of you who are working in software:

Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

More soon.
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