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March of the Penguins

Response to my request for help with Bevan Barton's worldwide bike ride was met with very postive responses ... so worst-case scenario, we have a few excellent options. If anybody out there knows a person in the Satellite Phone business, feel free to comment below.

As a 'stretch' goal, it turns out that I am four degrees of seperation to the CEO of Itronix via LinkedIn, so I sent along a message about a potential marketing campaign built around 'the laptop that traversed the world.' If things go well, we can hopefully get sponsorship deal with them - keep your fingers crossed! :)


Meant to write about this earlier - recently saw the amazing March of the Penguins on the big screen and was blown away by the Morgan Freeman-narrated story about the brutally harsh and touchingly tender moments in the life of the Emperor Penguin.

Even taking into account some of the excessively maudlin moments of drama (a penguin mother, whose own newborn chick died of exposure, attempting to steal another baby penguin), the story is compelling and engaging ... and I want to pimp the film out to those of you who aren't normally given to watching nature documentaries. :)

More substantive updates soon.

Trailer: March of the Penguins

Photos: (not mine, just cropped from various online sources, copyright to Warner Independent Pictures)

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