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Meet Bevan Barton

Competing in the Furnace Creek 508 (a 508-mile ride through California's Death Valley with 35,000' of elevation gain) is an feat that few accomplished cyclists would even attempt.

Bevan Barton, who conquered the 508 at age 16, has bigger ambitions; now 18, he is preparing a 13-month tour across the world as a fundraising campaign for AIDS research.

Recently came into contact with Bevan, and I volunteered to help with some of the logistical elements of his ride.

We are working within some tight financial constraints - so thought I would turn the question to my readership. Currently, we need:

  • A reliable, lightweight laptop. Anyone who has an unused computer sitting around the home, let me know the make and model either via a comment here or email.

  • A satellite phone. The first leg of Bevan's ride across Australia should be relatively safe, but as an emergency communication device, a sat phone will be essential when he goes through South America and stretches of western China/Mongolia. Monatary donations are welcome, but if anyone knows somebody who is capable of sponsoring a satellite-linked mobile, please message me.

Working on a shoestring budget means any help would be greatly appreciated. I will be running some fundraising activities Stateside while Bevan is on the road, but anyone who is able to help with a computer/phone ... or knows somebody who is in the position to contribute are encouraged to get in touch with me immediately; On July 20th, Bevan takes off to Australia and we hope to have all the equipment issues sorted out beforehand.

Back to your regularly scheduled surfing ...

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