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Jaundiced, I

Yaaargh! I'm pretty sure I am losing my 20/20 vision - at least in my right eye. I've been shooting tighter groups with my left hand than right for quite a few years - and have always attributed it to the fact that I have less dumb-newbie gun-handling habits to unlearn (I am right-handed and originally learned to shoot right-handed). Maybe true, maybe not.

But lately, I've experienced a noticable drop in my right eye's extreme tracking range. Left eye is holding steady at 20/20, but my right eye is probably slipping ... perhaps to a 20/40. I called up an eye doctor for an examination. Hm.

You know - if they find that indeed only one eye needs corrective lenses, I hope I can convince them to prescribe me a monacle.

Then, I would just be a Persian cat away from being a villian in a James Bond movie.

jamesbond: Do you expect me to talk?

pjammer: No, Mister Bond - I expect you to die!

Hm. Maybe not.
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