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"Beach" BBQ. Contagious Media. Mischief.

Sunday, met up with some familiar faces at Amabelle, Felicia & Walter's 'annual' summer Beach BBQ [photos from three years ago here] and said hi to a few people I haven't talked with in ages.

With 20+MPH winds on the beach kicking up a fine mist of sand, Amabelle & company relocated the BBQ a few blocks inland to Golden Gate Park.

In internerd news, my AutoBlogger entry in the Contagious Media Showdown yielded a 9th Place showing behind some fine entries. Most amusingly, El Mundo, Spain's primary news channel, fell for my AutoBlogger 'ad' and reported it as real, forcing them to post a retraction on May 27th.

Now I am off to a meeting, then catching the midnight showing of Batman Begins. Whoo.



Walter, checking in on the drumsticks.

"Hey! that thing is on fire!"

Not quite a bonfire, but the best we can manage ...

Pixar people: Matt & George

Light fading ...

Unrelated shot of the full moon a few weeks ago in the L.A. mountains.

Closeup of moon.

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