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Photos. Updates. Yes, I am Still Alive, You Smartasses.

Activities in recent weeks has slowed down enough for me to make a half-hearted attempt to post, before I return to another blizzard of travel and other adventures. Whoo hoo.

Upcoming week: will be heading up toward Reno, NV this weekend for a bachelor party and must return Monday for a client meeting, followed by a trip to SF to discuss a fundraising dinner event in July. Finished reading Keith Ferrazzi's book, Never Eat Alone and, in the spirit of paying it forward, gave it to a friend who I think will make good use of it. More photos to come.

This evening, had dinner with an old high school friend Heather Carolo who I have not seen in almost 16 years, and Lilly who I got back in touch with about four years ago.

Heather, Me, Lilly
At the age of 14, I had an embarrassingly intense and unrequited crush on Heather (who was then 17). It was fleetingly whimsical and agonizingly obsessive, as I suppose most high-school crushes are. Paralyzed by my own insecurities, I convinced myself she was out of my league, busy dating older guys much cooler than I could ever hope to be.

I told her all this over dinner and we laughed at how comfortable I was admitting this to someone I felt to be so intimidating by a decade and a half ago. Of course, she tells me over dinner that she is now engaged to a guy four years her junior. Right lesson, 15 years too late.

Story of my life.

Me & kenshi

Being 6'0 has its advantages ... doubly so if you hang around a lot of Chinese people, as I tend to. This advantage is obliterated in the presence of genetic freaks like kenshi. Damn gweilos, always keepin' the yellow man down! Feh. ;)

kenshi and I met up when he was in San Francisco to attend to the Whiskeys of the World Expo. Those of you who fail to add him to your friendslist, are depriving yourself of some of the most wry and wickedly entertaining writing this side of LJ. I'm just saying.

Gregg Spiridellis, Me, Evan Spiridellis

During my trip to Southern California, met and partied with the Jib Jab brothers, best known for their brilliant This Land flash cartoon.

A good time was had by all, and I ended up talking with Jim Meskimen, the voice actor behind "John Kerry," "George Bush," and other assorted characters from the Jib Jab movies. Will lunch together next time I am in the Southland. Whoohoo!

browascension & brkvw.

I've corresponded with browascension since 2000 by email/voice, and only met for the first time during my recent trip down to Southern California. He's one of the most charismatic and genuine people you are likely to meet, and it was a delight to connect a face to the voice and email.

I've only known brkvw by reputation and, like so many strong personalities, he was described in wildly contradictory terms from various people I've heard stories from ... a hodge-podge of selectively-culled truths, bizarre speculations and outright mythmaking.

In person, I found him to be friendly, engaging and an exhilarating hurricane of intense conversational topics (in the course of 30 minutes, we ran the gamut from investment science to biotechnology, artificial intelligence to game theory).

Days after I left Los Angeles, I finally realize why talking with him reminded me of a William Gibson novel. In Gibson's Pattern Recognition, protagonist Cayce Pollard was introduced as a sought-after 'coolhunter,' whose superheightened sensitivity to marketspeak/brand iconography borders on allergic reaction, and was paid handsomely by advertising firms for her ability.

brkvw has, what appears to be the closest thing I've observed to be, an allergic reaction to dishonesty and flimflam. Social convention tolerate a certain level of face-saving white lies and polite rationalizations, but brkvw is quite willing to disregard social convention in pursuit of truth, regardless of how many noses may be bent out of shape ... a characteristic I admire and rarely encounter at such intensity.

Look forward to more exchanges next time I am in Los Angeles. :)

But now, the bed beckons.

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