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Please Hold, Your Call is Very Important To Us ....

As a few RL friends have pointed out, my quality of life seems to be inversely related to the frequency with which I post.

Quick update: Had an amazing (if exhausting) time in Southern California with both new faces and old and I very much enjoyed meeting everyone, even if I won't have much time to journal about it in greater detail until at least after April 15th. Desperately want to write a review of Michael Kang's amazing film, The Motel but for now will have to just upload a photo from the movie premier of me and Sung Kang (better known as the thug older cousin of Virgil in Better Luck Tomorrow:

Sung Kang

So a question for the audience, since I am doffing my Lazy Blogger hat and mining my audience for material:

From the posting frequency of your own journals/blogs, do you update more when your real life is going well, or vice versa?

I update more frequently when my real life is going well.
I update less frequently when my real life is going well.

PS: It seems a lot of people are hitting this old entry from some link. For those of you who are new visitors - would you be so kind as to leave a comment, letting me know where you found this post/where is it linked?


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