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Itinerary. Mischief. Mayhem.

Had an awesome dinner conversation with jhogan in Milpitas last evening; discovered that he and I have nearly opposite strengths and weaknesses in the work/social-life dimension and talked about ways to overcome our respective challenges.


Thursday (today)
19:00 - Meet up with filmmaker Michael Kang and attend screening of his movie The Motel at the Kabuki Theater in SF. Dash back home to pack for trip to LA. Estimated sleep deficit: -4 hours.

08:30 - Being registered with a local modeling agency pays off from time to time; I was selected to be a model for a Microsoft commercial and will be filming/shooting until noon. Take off immediately to beat hideous weekend southbound traffic.

19:00 - Attend Los Angeles Futurists presentation on Robotics.

22:00 - Meet up with and crash at browascension's place.

08:00~18:00 - Various meetings in Los Angeles in the morning and afternoon.

19:00 - Dinner party with Gregg & Evan Spiridellis, creators of the hysterical George Bush & John Kerry "This Land" spoof.

08:30 ~ 14:00 - Hike the Geek with assorted misfits from the L.A. area.

14:00 ~16:00 - Drive down to San Diego. Actually, I will have a few hours free before dinner - agnosticessence, hober and other San Diego friends, care to meet up?

18:00 - Dinner with Anthony "AANT" T who I haven't seen in five years, his new son, and other extended family. Whee.

21:00 - Meet up with faustin (and perspectivism, perhaps? Call me). Crash.

06:30 - Breakfast meeting w/client (tentative) in La Jolla.

10:30 - Brunch w/funnyman white-boy ninja shamroq.

01:00 - Lunch w/Mark Rotenberg who I have not seen in almost ten years. Whee.


Ye gods, just typing all that makes me a bit dizzy. Looks like I will be running a sleep deficit of fifteen hours by the time I leave Ell Aye Weds morning.

Still have a dozen or so calls to make setting up the balance of my trip that I need to get to.

And, unsurprisingly, I have made pitiful progress toward crossing off the backlog of Stuff To Do that's been hovering over my head since I fell ill three weeks ago. *Sigh*

Back to work. :P
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