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Gadget Junkies, Meet Your God. Travel to SoCal.

he concept of "travelling light" is obviously completely alien to venture capitalist/globe-trotter/man-about-town Joi Ito.


click here

What is that I hear? Ah yes, it is the sound of a thousand gadget geeks all gasping in keening envy. HA!

In personal news, the queue of backlogged activities and correspondence I've accumulated since my illness two weeks ago will hopefully be cleared out by week's end.

Speaking of weekends - I will be in LA from Friday to next week Tuesday for a few business meetings and social outings.

Sunday will be spent with Joel "Making Out With You Killed My Dog" G and company for Hike the Geek, then a quick pop down to San Diego for dinner with an old college friend (and new father) Anthony before returning to LA Monday morning.

Now back to preparing for a presentation I will be delivering tomorrow at 10 ...

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