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OAK -> LAX -> BWI -> Qatar -> Balad

Long-time readers of hipstomp are familiar with his habit of posting a 'happy photo' before embarking on any trip, so he would have a cheerful image to be remembered by should it end up being his last post.

I was bemused at the grim insouciance of such a habit, and now, with my flight out of OAK just six hours away, find myself wondering which photo I would most like to be remembered by (though, of course, I have every intention of returning :)).

My happiest moment from 2004 was finishing the 100-mile century ride with Team in Training in Lake Tahoe, and this photo still has a special place in my heart:

So as to keep the mood of this thread on a upbeat note - please post a photo of yourself that has special meaning to you, and share your reasons why.

Will be updating when I am plugged back in on the other side of the world.

Until then ...
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