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At the Intersection of Blogs & Commerce

Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 - I am in Concord, CA at a conference sponsored by the East Bay I.T. Group (EBIG) discussing the intersection of blogs and commerce, with keynote speaker Elisa Camahort.

Also met up with Eric Rice, the hyperenergetic and charismatic founder of AudioBlog who I ended up chatting with in the parking lot for an hour after the event was over. Eric's account/notes from the events are posted here.

Have more work to finish for my own presentation on January 11th, 2005, so I leave you with photos:

Eric Rice and his blurry hand-o-death

Elisa Camahort speaking, Eric Rice blogging

"Who let in these Luddites who are taking notes with a freakin' PEN!?"

More soon.
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