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Aerial Photography & Upcoming Event

Saturday, December 18th - I am three thousand feet above sea level, with the muted roar of our Piper Archer's engine inches from my seat, as I press my Canon to the window to capture images flowing past me at over a hundred miles an hour ...

The view of San Francisco from the sky is absolutely breathtaking.

Golden Gate Bridge, overhead view ...

"Ghost Rider, this is Strike Command ... your target bridge is coming up at 9 O'Clock."
"Roger that, Strike Command. What should I do until then?"

"Met Life Blimp, this is Ghost Rider, requesting flyby."

"Negative, Ghost Rider. The pattern is ful-HEY!"

"Stay on target ... stay on target ..."

The Stanford Linear Accelerator

Stanford University

"So what's this button for?"

View from a port

View from a port, wide-angle

John's pimpin' ride

Half Moon Bay from the sky ...

PS: Will be hosting an event in the SF Bay Area on Tuesday, January 11th, 2005: Live to 100 and Not Regret It. Those of you interested in getting on the Evite, please leave a comment here or respond to the email in the flyer. More details on that in an upcoming post, but just wanted to give people a quick heads-up for what I hope to be a fun and informative evening.
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