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Mercedes Films - The Porter

As some indie-film enthusiasts know, BMW's advertising campaign of sponsoring A-list directors to produced short films enjoyed tremendous critical and commercial success during its first two years ... setting off a blizzard of imitation projects from their competitors. Most notable of these is Mercedes-Benz, who hired Michael Mann and Benicio Del Toro to film a 'trailer' for the nonexistent film Lucky Star (for some inexplicable reason, the movie files and web presence of Lucky Star have been removed since early 2003, but those interested in the trailer, are welcome to download the copy I am hosting).

Encouraged by the enthusiastic response and buzz from the online community, Mercedes continued to bankroll indie-film projects and recently released the haunting and whimsical short film The Porter, starring British actor Max Beesley and Hungarian beauty Anna Maria Cseh. Readers who are indie/short film fans ... would love to hear your thoughts/impressions of the film!

Annamaria Cseh
Annamaria Cseh

Hat tip: badwolf, who needs to update his LJ. :)

PS: A good portion of the film is in German Hungarian, which I understand at the 'I can guess what every six words means' level obviously don't understand at all. Any Hungarian speakers who watched the film care to translate/fill in the gaps?

PPS: Discussion of mild spoilers in comments section ... if you haven't seen the film yet, STRONGLY advise that you not read the discussion until you downloaded and watched The Porter for yourself. Cheers.

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