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The Incredibles & Easter Eggs

Saw The Incredibles last Friday with high expectations, and was still amazed at both the stunning graphics and well-paced script. The film is well worth a trip to your local cineplex ... go see it if you haven't already!

Movie geeks who obsess over details may have noticed that when Mr. Incredible called Mirage early in the movie, the visible number was not a conventional 555-XXYZ fake number that Hollywood typically uses; I am assuming Mirage's number is some sort of Easter Egg that leads to a voicemail/game like the kind used in the BMW Films (whose grand prize was a BMW Z4).

Unfortunately, I did not take down the number quickly enough ... any reader get a good look? Mirage's number was displayed twice during the film. I can offer a couple of Gmail activation codes (for anyone who is still motivated by such things ... SF Bay Area residents can substitute me buying you lunch if you prefer :)) to anyone who can help.

Have a safe and relaxing weekend ...

PS: Pimpage. If you enjoyed OCD & War-Dialing San Francisco, I'd like to ask you a favor and vote this entry in the 'Best of Craigslist.' :)

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