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Red Egg Party in Santa Clara (Naiming & Eddie)

Until the advent of modern medicine, the first few weeks of life is a precarious time; in ancient Chinese culture, parents often do not formally name a baby until it survives its first month after birth.

One month after delivery, it is Chinese tradition for the parents to throw a 'Red Egg' party, where friends and family are invited to a banquet celebrating the arrival of their new child and given red-dyed eggs (a symbol of fertility).

I've known Ed since our undergraduate days at UCSD, and with over a decade of history, we've seen each other through all manner of traumas and triumphs (where both of us have ranted to each other in alternating turns our frustrations from the women in our lives) ... it was tremendously gratifying to see him a happily-married man and new father. Perhaps there is hope yet for restless vagabonds like me, neh? :)

But the hour is late ... and there is work left to complete ... so I leave you with photos from today's party and yet another vague promise for more entertaining future posts :).


Naiming, Eddie, Me, Catherine

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