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Birthday. W00T.


It's my birthday (Labor Day ... how appropriate. Haha.) and I will be out this evening boozing it up with the usual suspects. Compromising photos may be posted later, but don't count on it. :D

Realized there are many of you reading this who I don't know that well ... so if you're up for it, please introduce yourself in the comment section with:

  1. Your photo. (Or if you're camera-shy, a funny picture)
  2. A book recommendation (and do share why you liked it).
  3. A link to something you wrote over a year ago.
  4. A movie recommendation (again, tell me a bit about what you liked about it)
  5. What were you doing right before you sat in front of your computer?

  1. You already know what I look like, so here's something both offensive and amusing:

  2. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore

    One of the most clever and whimsically irreverant stories I've read, Lamb begins in the 20th century, where an Angel ressurects the two-thousand-year-old-dead body of "Levi, who is called Biff" and check him into a hotel to write the fifth Gospel. Clever premises can go so far, and certainly, a tongue-in-cheek re-telling of the 'Jesus Story' from a cantakerous Jewish buddy-of-Christ fits the bill, but what carries the story is the humanity of its characters, the touching moments that, peppered with familiar Biblical references, made the book such a delight.

  3. Links ... the Interview Meme
    Part One (first questions)
    Part Two ('Operator, Load Me Up Wit Mad Skillz')

  4. Miracle - Though I'm not a big 'sports movie' fan, 'Miracle' struck me as a wonderfully inspirational story (predictable ending notwithstanding) on motivation and ambition, set in a time that desperately needed both.

  5. Sleeping. Now, I am going to go for quick hour in the gym before lunch. :)

Have a safe and happy Labor Day everyone. :)

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