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Wedding in Santa Cruz - Becky & Kevin

Sunday, 15:00, August 22nd 2004

I am at the Chaminade Hotel in Santa Cruz, CA for the wedding of two friends at one of the most visually gorgeous ceremonies I've attended; the isolation and natural beauty of Santa Cruz served as a stunning backdrop of the day's events. I was most amused by the fact that I ended up seeing quite a few faces that I just met a week earlier at the D.C. wedding of Faisal & Aleecia; seems there is substantial overlap between the friends of the two couples, and those of us who attended both exchanged bemused "oh, I didn't know you were coming here too!" greetings.

The ceremony itself was very much like the personalities of the groom and bride - an elegant combination of Jewish and Irish wedding traditions. It's an honor and joy to count people like Becky and Kevin as friends ... best wishes to both of you as you begin your life together! :)


PS: I know, I know - I'm behind on updates. Stop emailing me. :P And to those I've been late getting back to (you know who you are) - patience please ... I'll get to you just as soon as I have a moment to breathe. :P

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