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Wedding in Washington - Faisal & Aleecia

Anyone who counts Faisal Jawdat a friend can agree on two things:

1.   He knows a staggeringly large number of people - most of them incredibly intelligent and accomplished individuals who for whatever reason gravitate toward his brand of deadpan charisma. The most amusing testament of his massive network was when Faisal was ended up as the hub of Carnegie Mellon alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area (starting a mailing list, among other things) ... in spite of the fact he never graduated.

2.   Faisal has an deep and unholy love of bad movies and has been known to push them onto hapless victi^H^H^H^H^H friends who are too weak-willed to say 'no, I will not watch Beastmaster 2 with you. Go away.' (That said, you do owe it to yourself to check out his hysterical movie reviews on epinions.com). Good times ... good times.

I began corresponding with Faisal in 1998 because of his Quotes Page (long story), and ended up meeting Aleecia in 2000 at a birthday party, who I've also since befriended.

Fast-forward four years, and I am in D.C. and mingling with dozens of familiar faces from the Bay Area at the National Museum of Women in the Arts for an elegant ceremony ... followed by dinner where Faisal makes a valient attempt to corral a wedding party of over 120 guests to play a game of Werewolf (with predictably chaotic results).

Met a few new faces from both D.C. and the Bay Area during this desperately-needed break from work ... and still need to get back to. More soon. In the meantime ...


PS: For those of you who missed it, photos from the nation's capital earlier that day were posted in this entry.

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