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An Afternoon in D.C.

After averting a near-disaster that would have scrubbed my entire trip out to D.C. (won't be writing about it in public ... if you're curious, ask me via email at the usual address. :P) I checked into my hotel in McLean, VA Friday evening, had dinner with a friend and slept in early.

Saturday was booked with a lunch and afternoon tour in D.C. with aeaba, where we spoke while driving around seeing some of the most photogenic parts of the nation's capital.

Unfortunately, I failed to take a shot of the best photo opportunity of the entire trip; while walking in Georgetown, we walked by a Jewish-looking man in his mid-40s unloading a large, 3'x4' glass-framed poster of Vladimir Lenin out of his BMW Z4, and taking it into what appears to be a million-dollar home. It was a surreal moment that left both me and aeaba slack-jawed for almost a full minute before I realized I should have taken a picture to capture the Bizarro-World moment for posterity. *Headslap*

Entry about Faisal & Aleecia's wedding forthcoming ... in the meantime:


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