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Washington, D.C.

Quick update:

I will be in Washington, D.C. for the weekend of August 14th to attend the wedding of two good friends and do a bit of sightseeing at our capital.

A few meetings with other friends in the Virginia/Maryland/DC area are already confirmed ... but those of you who I've corresponded with online who'd like to meet up, please feel free to drop a line. Yes, this means you! :) More details of a meetup will be posted in this entry as the date approaches.

Time to finish up with a work presentation for tomorrow morning. No rest for the weary ...

PS: Recent events in my own life brought to memory a wistful piece written by Matt Brochu - What She Doesn't Know, which the sentimental among you may appreciate.

Sure, she's pretty, but it's about more than that. You two connect. Anything you throw at her, she can throw right back. You figured out what's going on in that predictable head of hers in under five minutes, but something tells you her heart would take about five years.

You remember everything she's ever said to you, and when that freaks her out you blame it on your photographic memory (which is a lie, you have a 2.7 GPA). You can't remember your teaching assistant's name, and you can't remember that your Puffton rent check was due four days ago, yet you remember the middle name of the kid who tripped her in fifth grade and gave her that cute little scar on her shoulder. Maybe it's because you actually listen when she talks. When do you actually listen? Never. But she doesn't know.

You go to sleep. You wake up. She doesn't know. You're not in love. You're not obsessed. You blame it on the fact that you just need to get some, but still, it's about more than that. It would just be nice if once in your life, things worked out the way you wanted them to.
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