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Sins of the Fathers

Among the most exasperating aspects of human psychology is our propensity to mirror the self-defeating behaviors of our parents.

Recent events have brought the topic of generational mirroring to the surface of my conciousness: watching how the virtues and vices of older people echo themselves in the lives of their adult children ... almost as if they were genetic. In Exodus 20:5, we are told that the sins of the father are visited upon their children, even onto the third and fourth generation. And so it goes - how often we see those with alcoholic parents turn to the bottle for comfort ... parents who were beaten as children turning a violent hand against the little ones in their custody ... girls raised by abusively indifferent men growing up to date the very sort of emotionally-stunted louts who abandoned their mothers.

Surely one of the most brutal ironies of life is that those who know most intimately the terrible human costs related to certain choices end up (conciously or subconciously) making decisions that ensure its perpetuation in their own childrens' lives.

Ultimately, it's a choice that every one of us must confront: to live out the behavorial scripts as it was handed to us by the blind blood of our parents (what most people do by default), or mindfully take efforts to cull its destructive elements and make every effort to ensure that whatever pain and sorrow you inherited along with your genes ends in this, your generation.

Your children and loved ones deserve no less.

Off to work.

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