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Los Angeles, CA - June 21st, 2004 - 11:55

I'm at a swank office high-rise to meet caffeineguy for the first time, and see that this is the sort of enlightened company that offers a beer tap in the main lobby for employees (and, presumably, sufficiently bold visitors) to indulge themselves.

Of course, I immediately asked the receptionist for a job-application form and submitted my resume while I waited for caffeineguy to emerge from elevator.

Unbeknownst to me, he invited the charming and babelicious sonially to join us for lunch; it was a wonderful surprise to attach another face and voice to the icon and witty prose I've been enjoying these past few years.

The best thing about the company of extrovert bloggers is the ease with which that initial conversation can begin; there is no 'wow, isn't this wierd?' awkwardness that comes with many internet-to-real-life meetings.

Over lunch at an excellent Cuban restaurant, we had a high-energy exchange of the usual things - gossip about certain LJ users (wouldn't you like to know ... whoohoo!) ... juicy 'back story' details behind recent public posts.

Most memorable to me was the discussion on our respective experiences in dating and intimacy - power/control issues, irrational jealousy, and (touchy topic!) the difference between Asian men dating White women vs WM/AF relationships.

Fascinating dialogue - sonially's sassy, no-nonsense attitude was a refreshing contrast to some of the coy posturing I've experienced in recent months from various women (let's just leave it at that ... haha); caffeineguy is as wry and engaging in real life as his hilarious journal suggests. Both struck me as very much like their online personas, and I was delighted to have met two new LJ faces in real life during this trip to LA.


caffeineguy, pjammer, sonially

E: I should be returning to LA in a few months, and would be honored to meet up again, so I can witness your famous drinking skills with my own eyes, you farking lush. Haha.

S: Glad to see you posted the story of the diamond dude ... that's a tale that needed to be told in print. Ever think about archiving your writings into a book or something? There's enough stories just in your life for a good-sized novel, at the very least! :)

Now, I'm off to meet up with brad for a 4th of July party somewhere in Redwood City.

Stay safe, everyone. More updates soon.
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