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TNT Victory Party - San Rafael

Friday, June 11th, 19:00

I'm on a winding path toward a hilltop home in San Rafael with with "I dream of" Jeanne Cheung for a wine-tasting/pasta-dinner Victory Party for those of us who completed the 100-mile cycling event around Lake Tahoe.

It's gratifying to see faces who were strangers just three months ago now as friends, sharing stories and photographs over celebratory drinks while admiring the view from Gigi's beautiful mountaintop home overlooking the San Rafael skyline. Joining Team in Training had pushed me to athletic limits I've not touched since I was in college, and I find myself itching for the next race; N'Shallah, I will don the Team in Training jersey once again for the Treasure Island Triathlon in November.

As usual, I've taken a few pictures of this Friday's party for your enjoyment.


Gigi's beautiful home in San Rafael

The view is to die for ...

"Red red wine ... goes to my head ... makes me forget ..."

Fredsky & Co, enjoying a relaxing meal ...

"So there was this huge hill at Mile 81 ..."

Some internet dork & Jeanne

"Oooooh ... foooooood ..."

San Rafael skyline after sundown ... wish you were here ...

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Note: I am heading down toward Los Angeles this weekend for my little brother's graduation from UCLA, so my updates/correspondence will be rather touch-and-go until I get back. You kids stay out of trouble while I'm gone, y'hear? ;)
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