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Lake Tahoe Century Ride Aftermath - Part 1

South Lake Tahoe, NV.

I'm in my room at the Embassy Suites, having a few quiet telephone conversations with friends after our victory party dinner at the conference room in Harrah's Casino. Too exhausted right now to batch-process the photos I took during the ride, or write about today's events in greater depth; I nearly did not complete my ride because of a nasty spill at Mile 55 just outside of Truckee.

My protect gear did exactly what it was supposed to do in my accident; sacrifice itself to save the body of its owner. The worst I endured was losing a quarter-sized patch of skin on my elbow and knees, and some moderate bruising that I am icing as I type.

More details to follow in a future post. In the meantime, a timer-shot from my hotel room ...

(On the phone with aliasa ... )

(Lake Tahoe Century Ride Aftermath - Part 2)
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