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Neale & Shiyama Clunie Wedding

Saturday morning began at 6am ... with the final team ride with my cycling group in Marin before our 100-mile tour around Lake Tahoe next week.

After a shower and quick lunch, drove to Preservation Park in Oakland to attend the wedding of Neale Clunie and Shiyama Rickford. I've known Neale from when we were both working as FAs at a Wall Street wirehouse before he was engaged ... and fondly remember the many lunches he and I shared, where we would strategize on ways to sneak him out of the house to go ring-shopping for his lady (since he and Shiyama were already living together), and figure out the best plan to propose to her without tipping her off.

The ceremony was my first Black wedding I've attended; the most distinctive element was "Jumping of the Broom" in which both bride and groom jump together over a broom laid across the aisle, symbolizing the sweeping away of their previous lives as single people to begin their new life as a married couple.


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