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Insomnia and 25-Year-Old Photographs

Photographs can capture a moment that would be lost to eternity; digging through decades-old pictures brought to surface long-buried memories of my carefree yesterdays. How swift the years seem in passing - a flicker of time, fleeting moments of magic, intertwined in the chapters to the storybook of this life.

Been having particularly vivid dreams lately ... the kind that wakes me at 3am, the kind whose afterimages swirl around in my waking thoughts like a relentless whirlpool - keeping me awake when I desperately need to sleep. There may be two of you reading this will know what I'm talking about ... but after a four-year hiatus, I'm dreaming of angels again.

Perhaps a nightcap will still these restless mental images.

In the meantime, a 25-year-old family portrait:

07:45 PS: Ever since about age 20, I've been told (mostly by my parents's friends) that I resemble my mother far more than my father. What do you think?

07:48 PS: Recent photo of my brother is in the comments section of this entry, for those of you who are curious (yes, I'm looking in your general direction, Sheba. ;) )

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