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Jaguar Commercial Shoot

The waiting is the hard part. Your mind wanders ... wondering what it would be like, watching your own life from far away.

- Clive Owen, "The Follow"

The dead time between takes and shoots is probably the most surprising thing to a non-professional actor; with footage for three Jaguar-buying couples for the commercial being shot all in the same day, there was plenty of time to wait and watch. Fortunately, the camera crew and fellow actors were a delight to talk with, and had some memorable exchanges. More on that later.

I was paired off with the lovely and wonderfully engaging Lily Chai as my wife for the shoot - and we had an absolute blast both on and off camera; between shoots of the other two couples, we talked about acting life, bilingual humor ("TMD!") and living overseas as a hua chao after growing up in the US.

Had great conversations with the other actors as well - globe-trotting Kathy Kamei who shared some of her adventures in Bali and Japan ... Robert Merryman, who graciously loaned me his jacket and some ridiculously strong hair gel from his actor-bag-of-gear. :)

Didn't get much of a chance to interact as much with the other couple (Jonathan Leveck and Helena Charbila) until near the end of the shoot, but I enjoyed hearing their experiences in acting and modeling.

Need to jet off to work in a few minutes, so I leave you again with photos from the shoot. :)


Kathy, me ... and my lovely wife Lily ... haha

Waiting our turn to be in front of the camera ...

"We do get to take one home with us, right?"

Robert Merryman self-portrait. :)

"So after we pick up the poodle at the vet,
shall we head back over to the Country Club?"

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