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TNT Ride, East Bay Scenic Route

Stretch goals - there is a distinct pleasure in pushing oneself past previous limitations, be they physical, mental or emotional.

This week has been a bit of all three ... the most significant being the 50+ mile (vertical displacement ~2,500 ft) ride I completed with my Team in Training group on Saturday, where I took in some breathtakingly beautiful scenery in the East Bay along the Walnut Creek/Livermore corridor.

In the works: planning a Bachelor Auction this Thursday in San Mateo, where the uber-hottie wickedwahine and yours truely will be on the block to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. More on that soon.

In the meantime, I leave you with pretty pictures from Saturday's ride ... and an amusing screen-capture candid shot from the Apple Store in Walnut Creek. :)


There is a surreal beauty in the undeveloped lands right outside of SF

This is the kind of home I imagined living in when I wrote Decade & One ...

Two hours of uphill-climbing agony to reach this height ...

... and 20 exhilarating minutes roaring down the hill at 35+MPH

Pit stop - load up on fuel, refill water bottles ...

Hmmm ... ok, I wouldn't mind living here, either ... :)

(at the Apple Store, Walnut Creek) pjammer: Oooooh ... look at all the pretty PowerBooks I shouldn't even think about buying ...

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