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Weekend Update - TNT Cycling, Broomball & Videography

Exahusting but productive weekend - completed a 50-mile ride, banged up every extremity on the ice during a broomball game, and finally completed videography on my web-prank project.


Finished my first half-century ride on Saturday on the trusty Cervelo. As some of you already know, I am training for a 100-mile ride in Lake Tahoe with Team in Training to raise money in the fight against leukemia and lymphoma.

Those interested in sponsoring me (or posting a link to your LJ to publicize the cause) will be highlighted on my Bio Page - direct link to my fundraising site is

http://www.teamintraining.org/participant/chang-175247 :)


Saturday evening, I met up with Dragon-Boating-Pimp Sonny Wong to play broomball at the Ice Chalet Center in San Mateo, where I bruised every extemity on the ice with various falls and spills. Pain, thy name is Candian broomball opponents.



After a panicked search for a replacement videographer when my primary cameraman had a family emergency, I was able to secure the talents of dafydd and Mike Poore for our shoot in the studio in SF for my web-prank project (and a big THANK YOU goes out to Mona Brooks for hosting us and sharing the studio space! :)).

Can't reveal much more about that ... so I leave you with some photos.

Never play Hockey against Canadians ... you WILL be crushed and they will snicker at your pathetic efforts

Sonny Wong: "Yes, you must all wear a dorky helmet."

"Remember, the brooms are for hitting the ball, not each other."


Simon Cowell: "My god, that is the most terrible singing voice I have ever heard in my life!"

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