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COBA, TNT Ride, Mayhem, Soap

An exhausting week is over - combination of work, social engagements, volunteer activities and lack of sleep in the past few days knocked my normally abundant energy level down to somewhere around 'subdued and cranky.' Sorry, for those of you affected. :P I'll make it to you. :)

Highlights -


Attended COBA (Camera Owners of the Bay Area) meeting in Palo Alto with bradtastic and listened to presentations by Canon wholesaler Jim Rose, and Olympus dealer Joe Guzman.

While I've had my eye on the Canon 10D for my upcoming trip overseas, the presentation by the Olympus rep got me to seriously reconsider; the most memorable part of Joe Guzman's demo is when he took a water bottle and dumped it on the $2000 Oly E-1 to demonstrate its weatherproofing seals. In terms of Third-World-travel-friendly ruggedness, the E-1 seems to offer the best combination of features. Must investigate further.

As the established name in the high-end DSLR world, Canon remains the brand to beat as Jim Rose outlined some of the cutting-edge features of the soon-to-be-released EOS 1D Mark II. One day ... one day ...

(For a more comprehensive recap the COBA meeting (and the models of cameras discussed), please check out Adam Tow's photojournal entry)

And for those of you new to digital photography, I'd encourage you to read Adam's excellent What Camera Should You Buy? article.


Got up this morning at 7:00 after a bizarre dream involving an ex-girlfriend, a stolen Maserati and a locked Halliburton briefcase (don't ask).

Took a 25-mile, hill-laden ride with my Team in Training cycling group on my Cervelo P2K (whose odometer still has an embarassingly low number of miles, given how much I paid for the bike).

Utterly exhausted a few hours ago; now with a two-hour nap, three plates of sushi and a game of WarCraft behind me, I'm ready to tackle a backlog of work correspondence.

Life is good. It's important to remember that sometimes in the middle of a stressful week.

More updates soon.

PS: Now HERE'S a Constitutional Amendment I can fully support:
The attempts of gays to subvert the definition of marriage is nothing less than an outright attack on one of our most precious institutions. If two men to to be able to marry, it would undermine one of civilizations most fundamental truths. Two women, however, would be pretty hot.
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