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Vienna Teng Concert @ Cowell Theater, San Francisco

An artist's evolution is a wonderful thing to behold; I consider myself lucky to have discovered Vienna Teng when she was a few months into her foray into full-time professional music, at the cusp before her debut CD release in a coffeehouse in Saratoga nearly two years ago.

The spartan simplicity of Waking Hour's songs (most accompanied just by piano) reflect Vienna's career at the time as a solo musician, when she was carting a digital keyboard in her car to gigs around the Bay Area while working by day as a software engineer in Silicon Valley. Evolution has added depth and more layers of sound to Vienna's music in the ensuing years; the most striking difference between Waking Hour and the recently-released Warm Strangers is the latter's use of richer orchestration - a difference that was vibrantly displayed in tonight's superb concert.

Vienna began her set with the haunting My Medea. As always, Vienna's sometimes-wry, always-thoughtful commentaries before each song remains the best part of her performances; for 'Green Island Serenade,' Vienna mentioned getting a telephone call the day before from her mother, who apparantly felt her Mandarin could use some help prior to this evening's show.

The ensemble orchestral support lends a vibrant and wonderful energy to the live performance; Harbor and Shine stand out as particularly memorable pieces of aural artistry whose vitality and beauty still echos in the mind's ear even now, hours after the event.

An evening well-spent. And now ... to bed.

If you want to see Vienna in concert, check the tour info page for time and dates.

And for the hardcore Vienna junkies who can't get enough of our favorite singer-songwriter, yes there IS a viennateng community. :)

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