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Weekend & Trailers

After finally resolving some problems with my work computer (AAARGH!) and going through a hidious backlog of related correspondence, I will be off to two events this evening in the city. Will be in Sacramento all next week starting Monday ... if anyone from the area wants to meet up, might be able to arrainge a quick coffee or some such (Sula - you back in Sonoma or still in LA?)

Updates may be sparse until I return. In the meantime, I leave you with some movie trailers that tickled my fancy ...

  • In the "Good googly moogly please please please release this in the US" department: Casshern

  • From the "Nobody comes close to beating the Japanese when it comes to ass-kicking Giant Fighting Robots" department: AppleSeed

  • and finally, in the "godawful tasteless, yet hysterically funny for those of us going to hell" department: Kill Bill meets The Passion of Christ, in a trailer sure to confirm all the hysterical ADL protestations about the film. (warning: this trailer does have footage of a crucifixtion that some might find disturbing)

Have a great weekend, kids - play nice now. You have my number in case anything goes wrong.

Oh - that glowing orange orb in the coat closet? Don't even think about touching it. Ditto for the rune-encrusted sword in the fridge. And if you get a prank call from that good-for-nothing Tarjan asking you to meet him 'at the end of Sinister Street' - please, for god's sake, just hang up.
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