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Robot Stories - Indie Film

Indie filmmaker Greg Pak's Robot Stories has been generating considerable buzz in recent months from critics and film festivals.

While the concept of using of unfeeling robots as the backdrop to explore human emotion is far from original, Robot Stories offers moving drama about birth, loss, love and death through four vignettes. For whatever reason, Story #4 ('Clay') had particular resonance with me:

In John Lee's world, technology allows people to scan their memories - and thus their consciousness - into computers. John (Sab Shimono), an old sculptor, struggles to complete his design for a major public square project, but his body is falling apart. His doctor, his son Tommy (Ron Domingo), and his digitized wife Helen (Eisa Davis) all tell him the same thing - it's time to get scanned. Then he'll merge with all human knowledge and experience, achieving perfect love, perfect art. But John resists, fighting for the right to struggle and die.

Like most indie films, Robot Stories is currently 'touring' the country in limited distribution. Its general-public Opening Night showing this Friday is, unfortunately, just in New York City ... but is there anybody in the SF Bay Area interested in meeting up for a group screening when they come in town April?
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