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SF Half Marathon, Orkut Update and Random Photo from Downtown

A bit late for those of you with with big SuperBowl party plans (Hi Clint! Yes, I will be there, if a bit late. :P), but to anyone in the SF/Bay Area who may be free Sunday morning, I encourage you to check out/join the Panakids Golden Gate Park Half-Marathon where I will be running. Since I am woefully out of shape given my recent sporadic run schedule, we shall see if my next post will be from a stretcher. :P

Also: I've been having some difficulting with Orkut's invite interface and some of you might not have gotten a message. Hopefully, they will clear it up soon. owyn sent me an interesting critique of Orkut (and social-networking software in general) bearing the not-too-subtle title Venting my Contempt for Orkut (worth reading).

A serious update soon. Hopefully. In the meantime, a perspective shot of the TransAmerica pyramid and Gibbous moon I shot last night:

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