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New Writing Project ...

ust been asked to help John with a three-part novel/fiction project he's had simmering for five years and is now pursuing full-throttle.

Read the overviews and character outlines this morning - damn good storyline and impressive ideas. I'm pretty jazzed to be asked to contribute, and have agreed to 'flesh out' some of the vignettes and detailed passages of the story.

I've always wanted to write a novel, but never had an idea myself that could sustain a full-blown story. My strength is in short stories, recollections of personal events and other such. But fortune smiles on me from time to time, and it looks like I get an opportunity to hone my storyteller chops in the context of building a novel after all.

More details as they develop.

(Duffman, I will need your advice on a few things as well. Will try getting in touch with you by voice tonight or tomorrow.)
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