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Malicious Humor

Generally, I try to be a compassionate person and discourage malicious humor, especially the kind aimed at children.

Today is not one of those days.

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Yes, as a matter of fact, I am going to Hell.

As if there were any doubt.

PS: I've been getting messages - some polite, others less so, from various people claiming that their forum/website was first to have made/created the pictures ... but these self-proclaimed sources offers conflicting accounts (with some forums looking like they horked existing P-Shopped images from others as starting point/inspirations for their own, etc.). All I know is that they were sent to me, en masse, by a friend in Seattle. The only thing I did was resize/clean up some of the JPGs and put them on my image host.

If you are the original artist of any of these pics, please contact me and I will happily credit you by name/internet-handle. Those of you who are sending me belligerant emails claiming that it was on "your" forum first ... please, get a life. Thanks. :)
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