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City of Angels


I am going to be in Los Angeles this weekend to catch a Thursday screening of The Matrix: Revolutions.

I'm still working out final details of crash space, but I am just curious if anybody in LA wants to meet up for coffee/group lunch/whatnot in the next few days, since I will be in LA until Tuesday.

Leave a comment here of shoot me an email if you're interested and I will try to coordinate a time to meet up. :D

Naturally, I am going to be driving into a cascade of ashes and burnination.

"It's a choice that's been offered to many men--to serve in Heaven or be a star in Hell. ... But on a good day, Hell can look a lot like Los Angeles."
- David "Eugene Sands" Duchovney, Playing God

PS: pinkfu is the best ever for giving up her opportunity to go see matrix early and suggesting to her ever resourceful roommate that I  go instead. ;)
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