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Paging Tom Leykis ... Paging Tom Leykis

Although there is much truth in NoMarriage.com (particularly their 'Whom not to Marry' section), it seethes with way too much bitterness and angry cynicism for my tastes.

Surely the American dating landscape can't be so hopelessly grim that the only path to happiness is with a European/Latino/Asian-born woman?

All the older guys I know, guys that are 55 and older are telling me the same story; don't do it. It just turns to crap no matter what you do. They'd rather be independent. At best it's a tedious bore. At worst a living hell with financial ruin thrown in for good measure. The problem is, is that when you're young, you just naturally fall into this mind set where your whole self image is based on how women regard you, and so you spend all your money and energy trying to make yourself acceptable to them. Then later in life, when the shine wears off and you finally see how inferior they are to men in every way, you realize that you've wasted yourself on a bunch of crap.

Almost 90% of American women "marry up" to a man that earns more than they do. Coincidence? I think not. What we see here is the typical gap between what women say (and may believe on a conscious level) and what they do (Some are conscious hypocrites, others choose wealthier men on a subconscious level, screening out less successful guys without even admitting it to themselves). Only a small minority of women at present (just over 10%) marry men who make less than them. They are the only ones who without a doubt chose men for themselves.

Never marry a woman whose father took off or was abusive to her mother UNLESS she got the right lesson from it ... the right lesson being that responsible men are to be adored and valued and their eccentricities and (mild, occasional) irresponsibilities tolerated. You need to have clear evidence that she took the right lesson -- if not, you're going to have a nightmare marriage dominated by her suspicion, paranoia, and total inability to please.
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