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A Night of Theater ... and Other Recent Distractions

Been a bit overwhelmed with personal and vocational distractions of late, so I offer a quick two-week recap:

  • Attended American Conservatory Theater's superb rendition of Dangerous Liaisons with a few good friends this past Thursday. Amazing performances - I couldn't help but make comparisons between the principal actors and their counterparts from the film version of the same name. If you are a fan of Machiavellian power-plays and villainous anti-hero protagonists, it's a play (or movie) well-worth watching. May have to pick up the novel next time I'm in a bookstore.

  • DVD of Wonderful Days arrived a week ago; unfortunately, I do not have a Region-3 DVD player. Damn copyright laws! :) Will have to poke around and look for workarounds so I can get this thing to work so I can write a review.

  • Received a bottle of premium booze from the cheerful curmudgeon ernunnos a few days after my birthday. Thank you!! Given my outrageously low alcohol tolerance, that bottle should last me until about this time next year ... :)

  • Joined Lee Hitchcox for a four-hour run along the fire trails in the Marin Headlands this past weekend. Still recovering. :)

  • Wasted over three hours reading some ridiculously well-drawn Rescue Rangers Fanfic. "There's no case to big, no case too small, if you need help just call ... Ch-ch-ch-chip and Dale ... "

Hopefully, thing should settle in a few weeks and I can return to more regular updates. Looks like everyone else is doing well. Cheers!
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