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Wonderful Days

Had a great birthday dinner last night with about 25 people, followed by an entertaining evening at Comedy Sportz. A big "THANK YOU" to Raymond for helping to organize the event, and everyone for showing up! :)

Knowing that I'm on a Korean-movie kick from watching back-to-back stunning films like JSA - Joint Security Area (taut drama about a murder investigation along the North/South Korean border) and 2009: Lost Memories, maradydd pointed me to the jaw-dropping Wonderful Days (with a budget of US$15 million and over four years of development, it is the largest and most ambitious Korean anime project to date).

As it turns out, Wonderful Days becomes available for U.S. distribution today; an old college friend ordered me a copy from YesAsia.com (whoo hoo!) and I shall post a review of the film as soon as the DVD is in my custody.

Wonderful days, indeed.

Website: Wonderful Days
Trailer: Zipped QuickTime Download
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