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Random Photo Updates

My recent schedule has been a blizzard of meetings/interviews, formal events/mixers and random parties in recent weeks. I'll spare you the comparatively boring details of the former and post the (hopefully) more amusing highlights of the latter:

  • Met with game-show legend Alex Trebek at a dinner event in Monterey, CA:

    Alex Trebek

  • Attending a beach BBQ in SF with the lovely Mariah:


  • And having been warned on pain of death against posting photos from this weekend's party of the infamous-and-babelicious Quattrogirl (an Audizine forum regular), I will post a pic of her car instead:

    Supercharged Audi A4

Now I need to catch up on about six days of missed morning runs, return some desperately-overdue emails and finally finish Gibson's fantastic Pattern Recognition that I've been carting around.

Repeat after me: "no rest for the weary ..."
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