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Updates, Updates (and First Batch of Q5s)

Quick update:

After a long week of head-spinning meetings, attended two parties this weekend. Now must add photos from the beach BBQ to the queue of stuff I owe people. :)

May as well post the first batch of Q5s I've been working on. Tried to make them engaging and interesting, but reading back on the what I've posted, I probably met with only mixed success. Alas. :)

throwingstardna's answers HERE

Q5: Guav, you have a delightful hyperkinetic misanthropic persona that I've enjoyed reading ever since a friend pointed me your way. You've clearly taken your journal as a form of performance art, with amusing results and a massive readership. Given what most people think they know about you from your LJ, what are the most common mistaken assumptions people make about you?

owyn's answers are HERE

Q5: Owyn, as a guitar enthusiast, you’ve balanced your musical aspirations with a software career pretty successfully, though the latter has dominated most of your time since college. Imagine you come across a group of technically competent, mature guys who want you to join their band. You like their influences/tastes and respect their talent ... and they seem to feel the same about you. Catch: everyone in the group has already walked away from well-paying jobs to dedicate two years of their lives to take this band as far as their talent and luck can carry them, and they expect you to do likewise if you decide to join. What do you do? Why?

maradydd's answers are HERE

Q5: Meredith, as anyone who read your journal for any time could figure out, you're pursing a number of disparate external goals – PhD, computational linguist, and novelist. If you had to choose to sacrifice two of these things for guaranteed success at one, which would you choose? How would you define success at that chosen field?

aliasa's answers are HERE

Q5: Aliasa, as an inveterate rule-breaker, by necessity, you have to disregard the well-intentioned but unhelpful advice of people who don't understand you. Tell me about someone whose advice you trust – who are they, and describe an instance when this individual offered advice actually changed your mind.

xaoswolf's answers are HERE

Q5: Xaoswolf, from your answer to the other questions, movies clearly are an important part of your life. Which films (if any) do you think best summarize/encapsulate your life? Which film characters do you most identify with, and why?

petra's answers are HERE

Q5: Petra, you project a confidant, matter-of-fact demeanor that some appreciate (as I do), and puts others off (as you've no doubt experienced). Can describe an instance when your directness cost you something tangible (a job, a scholarship, etc.) or intangible (friendship, romantic prospect, etc.) you deeply desired?

pinkfu's answers are HERE

Q5: In our interactions, I was impressed by your resilient and happy personality, in spite of a childhood that would have driven many to dysfunction. To what do you attribute your resilience and optimism? What were the most significant things you can identify that allowed you to sustain your motivation and energy?

jette's answers are HERE

Q5: Jette, from your answers, you've demonstrated a strong appetite for learning and acquiring new knowledge. What is your fondest memory of that 'a-HA!' moment when you learned something particularly resonant with you? What do you most wish your children to learn before they reach adulthood, and why?

new_iconoclast's answers are HERE

Q5: G – while most people ask for generalized knowledge and skills in Q4, your replies reveal a specific interest in Historical America. Tell me more about the reasons behind your fascination with America's past. If you had a chance to use a time machine to spend a month in any period of American history and interview its participants (but not affect the course of history), which segment of history would you want to explore, and why?

thinkpalmtrees's answers are HERE

Q5: Ana - from reading your journal and responses, you've clearly learned a great deal about yourself and relationships in the last year – at some substantial personal cost. If you can go back in time and give the Ana of six months ago a few lines of advice, what would you tell her about men and love?

bride's answers are HERE

Q5: B - from your username handle to your journal content, it's clear that married life is a very important part of your life. Of course, at one point in your life, Husband Guy was a stranger to you. Imagine if circumstances have kept you two strangers up until now; you just met him a week ago and agreed to go on a date with him this Friday. What would you be most curious about, as a single girl? Knowing him as you do, what are the things that you'd first notice if you were to see him for the first time, and what would you be most impressed by?
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