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I've Been Reviewed!

Apparently, this journal has been tossed back and forth like a hot potato between reviewers in the review_you community:

I've observed that this journal has been on the "to-do" list for an obscenely long time, passed from reviewer to reviewer to reviewer. What's so terrible about it? I would wonder, idly, before meandering back to my pleasant little life. But now that I've absorbed it myself, I understand. Does it suck? Uh-uh. Is it the most intimidating journal I've ever encountered? Yep. Was it worth it? Mmhmm. Should you read this and learn why? Yes.

There's about twenty-plus Q5s I've been working on in my laptop that I will post in a few days, to those I owe questions to. Sorry for the delay.

For now, work calls.


PS: Guys, you think you want a geek-gamer hottie? This comment on Slashdot should disabuse you of such foolishness:

Her voice kept rising, and some people were listening. I sort of calmed down and realized I had no chance in hell of going out with this girl, but that she probably wasn't armed so there was no immediate danger. I calmly pointed out that she was totally f-ing nuts and she got up and stomped out. The waiter guy said "dude, I heard some of that and you may feel bad but I think you are lucky to get out that before you were too involved." I told him to bring me the biggest margerita they had and I was moving to the bar.
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