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Five Questions - My Responses (#1 - #3)

Quite a number of people put in a request to be interviewed, and answered my first four questions in their journals; things have been busy but I'll be happy to get to everybody's fifth in a few days. :)

In the meantime, my responses to the original four queries:

1. Please link five journal entries of yours you consider the most biographically significant, and briefly explain your reasons for selecting them.

2. Your home is on fire, and you have five minutes to rescue your belongings. What do you save? Why?
Box of old letters and memorabilia I've received from various people in my life (ex-girlfriends, pen-pals, etc.) It's the most irreplaceable part of my past, and one that I want to keep.

Laptop computers. All my significant work is in their drives - and I don't back up my data as frequently as I ought to. :)

High-capacity magazines to my firearms. Thanks to passage of the Brady Bill (which, among other things, banned magazines that can hold more than ten rounds of ammunition), used high-cap mags have skyrocketed in price and have become erratic in availability. If I have the time, I will naturally retrieve said arms as well. :)

Everything else I own can be purchased later, and not worth running into a burning building to rescue. :)

3. An eccentric billionaire offers you US$50,000 and tells you to spend it within a week. Stipulations: you are not allowed to purchase investible instruments (stocks, bonds, gold bullion, etc.). Any money you do not spend will be gone by week's end. What do you buy?

Whoo, I'm pooped. I will try to wrap up #4 tomorrow, and then start with the Q5s that I owe those of you who were kind enough to play along.
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