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Five by Five

5 QuestionsAs I was considering potential interview questions for the people who responded to my Five Questions post, I realized a few things:

- I don't know some of you well enough to ask something meaningful. I'd like to correct that.

- Many of the questions I came up with ended up revolving around similar ideas.


I made another minor adjustment to the interview meme. I've posted four general questions below; those of you who asked to be interviewed (or interesting in jumping in now), please answer them in your own journal and post a link to the entry here. Hopefully, your reply will help me understand you a bit better; once you post your response, I will offer the fifth question specific to YOU. :)

And if you want to ask ME something, feel free to do so here as well. :)

The Questions:

1. Please link five journal entries of yours you consider the most biographically significant, and briefly explain your reasons for selecting them.

2. Your home is on fire, and you have five minutes to rescue your belongings. What do you save? Why?

3. An eccentric billionaire offers you US$50,000 and tells you to spend it within a week. Stipulations: you are not allowed to purchase investible instruments (stocks, bonds, gold bullion, etc.). Any money you do not spend will be gone by week's end. What do you buy?

4. You are granted access to a device like the one in The Matrix that allows you to upload skills/knowledge straight into your brain. You are told you are allowed to select five skills/abilities to be uploaded. What do you choose? Why?

5. TBD. (So far, aad, jaysunrocks, maradydd, valera, struiling, degraine, aliasa, thinkpalmtrees, new_iconoclast, infallible, mrcrash, petra, xaoswolf, jette, chrishaas, subsonicmonkey, owyn, foobiwan, drsaddam & pinkfu have expressed an interest to be interviewed either in the comments section or by email. If you want to join in on the fun, you're invited to introduce yourself and answer the four questions above.)

PS: Fair's fair. I will post answers to those four questions myself, starting with #1, tomorrow. :)
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