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Mercedes Film - Lucky Star (Downloadable)

Back in August of last year, I posted a link of Mercedes-Benz's attempt to ape the success of their Teutonic competitor's wildly popular BMW Films series.

The ad campaign, which revolved around a slickly-produced trailer to a nonexistent movie entitled "Lucky Star" (featuring the charismatic Benicio Del Toro as the luckiest man alive) enjoyed considerable buzz before the 'movie website' LuckyLuckyStar.com was inexplicably dismantled (the URL currently redirects visitors to the U.K. Mercedes-Benz corporate page).

As film geeks are wont to do, I saved a copy of the original 'trailer' - and posted a downloadable version of the short to my video/image hosting account for those of you who are curious. :)

Lucky Star
click here to download!
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