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Avatar Therapy, Act Deux: Review of Life as a MMORPG

Quick update:

  •   The Matrix premier this weekend went VERY well. Met a lot of great people as well as cast members whom I last spoke with during shots from several months ago ... so it was a reunion of sorts for some of us. :) And YES, there will be an online version of our film that will be posted to iFilm and a few other downloadable places as soon as we get a web-friendly version ready for distribution. :)

  •   Got a lot of material written for a web prank I am authoring along with a friend. Hopefully, that will be ready to go live in a few weeks.

  •   rinku posted an amusing link to a Gamespot article reviewing real life as if it was a game dated July 11th, two days after I wrote my Avatar Therapy piece. Interesting bit of synchronicity. Heh.

  • A number of you, including bluegreen17, subsonicmonkey, aliasa, laozi, busychild424, le_bastard and agnosticessence mentioned an interest in trying out such a perspective in your own life. Would love to hear how it's working out, if you're willing to share and post a link here to an entry in your journal on what kind of results (good or bad) on this thought-experiement/excercise. :)

More later.

Ta for now.
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